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Especially Designed for Retailers and Restaurants

You have probably seen them everywhere – hanging by the cash registers at Home Depot, Macy’s, and K-Mart or those signs at your table at Pizzeria Uno and TGI Fridays. They are electronic gift cards and loyalty cards. The country’s largest retailers and chain restaurants have been using and heavily promoting them for the past few years. In fact, the largest selling single item for over 80% of the top 100 retailers in the United States is their gift card. Now is the time for you, the small to medium sized retailer and independently owned restaurateur to grasp the opportunity and start your own program. It will look and work exactly like the big guys program, except yours will be designed with a price that you can surely afford.

Credit Card Processing Services, an expert in merchant accounts, has put together the most outstanding full service gift and loyalty card program for merchants. We start with the most advanced gift card processing network in terms of technology which is PCI-DSS Compliant along with multi-location redundant backups for instant capacity and disaster recovery. The online merchant interface is head and shoulders above our competition for both functionality as well as ease of use. To complement the program is our extremely competitive card pricing where we have found our 1000 custom card package is priced lower than their 500 card package. Finally we offer the most flexible monthly pricing in the industry with reasonable pricing for even the smallest merchant. We are so confident that you will like our program that we don’t lock you into a long term contract and have no cancellation fee.

Only Gift Card USA provides your loyalty card program free email marketing and instant SMS texting whenever you want to reach all of your customers with a couple of clicks. Ours is a completely turnkey program since we can handle every aspect of your program including card design and production, terminal programming, training, program promotion, and card processing. We are happy to offer our excellent program throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Caribbean.

We are ready to assist you in starting your gift and /or loyalty card program from scratch and will hold your hand through implementation and beyond. We have designed this website to help answer most of the questions you will have since your business is probably new to this. Once you read each of the pages that interest you please feel free to contact Kevin at CCPS at 215-489-7878, toll-free at 800-717-1245, via Email or completing our online I Want More Info form to answer any of your questions or to begin your own program.

Program Highlights

  • Software supports both gift and loyalty card programs
  • Transactions are live and online with dollar amounts and point balances available from your terminal in real-time
  • 24/7 merchant support is available via a toll free number or via email
  • Web based reports are available to you in real-time
  • Additional monthly processing reports are emailed to you monthly
  • No need to change your current credit card processor
  • Gift cards can be loaded for any dollar amount the customer chooses
  • Choice of completely custom designed cards with your colors and logo or choose from a selection of standard card designs where your company name is printed and you can even add your logo

The benefits to you, the merchant, are many:

  1. Paper vs Plastic – Experience has shown that plastic gift card sales increase an average of 35% over current paper certificate programs. Also, customers spend more with plastic with average sales about 40% more than paper.
  2. Will enhance your business’ professional image. Puts you on a level playing field with the major chains that already have this type of program in place.
  3. Carrying a plastic card with your logo in their wallet is like having a mini billboard in your customers’ hands every day.
  4. Increases profitability – No cash back is given with gift cards, if you desire.
  5. You will benefit from the float since you have the funds until the card is redeemed.
  6. Experience shows that 5-15% of gift card values are never redeemed. This fact can pay for your program by itself.
  7. Reduces theft potential since cards have no value until activated unlike paper gift certificates that are usually kept under lock and key.
  8. Has been shown to reduce shoplifting when a policy to put refunds without a receipt on a gift/stored value card. Discourages stealing and then asking the cashier for cash back. Many national chains have developed this as store policy.
  9. You can view and print real-time activity reports from your PC, will receive monthly reports via email, plus you will get daily reports from your terminal.
  10. Ease of issuance and redemption – employees just need to swipe the card through the terminal to load or redeem value on the card, which only takes seconds.
  11. Having a successful loyalty program in place means more visits by your current customer base that may mean that you can reduce advertising costs to attract new customers since tables are already filled. Also, if you are using coupons such as buy 1 get 1 free then you are giving up much more in profits then if you were to reward loyal customers with a free appetizer after spending $100.00 in previous visits. As you know, Client Retention is one of the most important aspects of your business and of course it is much more expensive to find new customers then to keep your existing ones coming back again and again.

Now that you know about this great program, you are probably ready to take that extra step. So please fill out the I Want More Info form and Kevin will contact you to discuss your needs.


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